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A mong the highlights of a stay in Siwa:

  • a tranquil unhurried environment
  • sunset across the salt lake or the great dunes that surround the oasis
  • 4 wheel drive safari to the hot spring and the cold lake in the desert
  • overnight camping under the starlit Sahara skies
  • day trip to the Bedouin village of Gar
  • tour of the ancient sites
  • visit to the local market and the Siwa House
  • a summer sandbath to ease those aches and pains
  • bicycles for hire
For those with more time to spend, desert safaris can be arranged, from 2 days to 2 weeks. See Egypt's famed sights, its deserts and monuments from a different perspective.  Drive through the Great Sand Sea. Visit the oases of Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla and Kharga, black desert, white desert, the famous Gilf al Kebir, and many other beautiful locations. Trips can be planned to take in Luxor, Aswan or Abu Simbel, giving you with a unique perspective of the country.
Specialist safaris can also be arranged for off road motor bike enthusiasts.

We also offer desert driving lessons, car and motor bike, under the guidance of desert rally experts.
For further information on planning your trip, email: desertsafari@siwagardens.com